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The general 2019 meeting schedule for the section is presented below, however these dates are merely a framework.  Please check back for updates and specific meeting announcements.  Meetings are open to all members—hope to see you there!

2019 Executive Committee Meeting Schedule:

  • January 7
  • March 11
  • May 13, Spring meeting TBA
  • July 8
  • September 16 or 17 (During National Meeting in Burlington, VT)
  • October 7
  • December 9


Meetings are typically held from 4:00 to 6:00 pm via teleconference.  In-person meetings (Spring and Fall) are often in person with exact dates, times, and locations TBD.

AIPG-NE Spring Meeting

May 18, 2018
11:30 AM to 5:30 PM
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Sterling Hill Mine & Museum
30 Plant Street
Ogedensburg, NJ 07439


Registering and paying is easy. Please visit (click on “meetings” and scroll down)

Registration On-line is available to All, regardless of affiliation


11:30 - 1:00 PM Networking and Light Lunch - Sterling Hill Mine & Museum, Ogdensburg (held in GeoTech Center)

12 PM - 12:20 PM Introduction and Acknowledgment of Sponsors

1:00 - 3:30 PM   Field Trip – Behind-the Scenes Tour of Sterling Hill Mine & Museum

3:30 - 4:30 PM Afternoon Speaker: William Kroth will present the background and history of Sterling Hill Mine

 You are welcome to attend all or any portion of the day’s program but please register on-line so that we can anticipate your attendance.

 Tour: Sterling Hill Mine & Museum

The Sterling Hill Mine & Museum is located at 30 Plant Street, Ogdensburg, New Jersey. Come join us for a guided behind-the-scenes tour featuring an extensive collection of fluorescent minerals. The area represents a varied and exciting geologic story of one of the oldest mines in the United States. The zinc ore body found at the Mine is part of the Proterozoic age Franklin Marble, which is bounded by granitic gneiss to the northwest and Ordovician limestone to the southeast. The zinc ore bodies found along the sides of plunging synclines produced more than 11 million ton of zinc ore when the mine was operational! 

Approximately 357 different minerals were discovered at this historic mine site, 28 of which are unique to the area. Many of these minerals have fluorescent properties. A highlight of the tour is the aptly-named Rainbow tunnel, where exhibits of rare minerals that grow bright green and red under ultraviolet light line the walls.

 The Mine itself also has a very interesting history. Mining of the local zinc deposits began sometime before 1739, and it is said that Thomas Edison participated in a nearby iron-mining operation. If you have time, check out the exhibits in the museum’s Zobel Exhibit Hall, which features a host of paraphernalia related to local mining history.

 Please arrive at least 10 - 15 minutes before the start of the tour (12:45 PM).

 Please follow the link below for directions to the Museum.

 Afternoon Presentation:

The Background and History of Sterling Hill Mine

William Kroth, President & CEO of the Sterling Hill Mine & Museum

 Over the last two decades, the New Jersey Highlands have been extensively remapped by geologists of the New Jersey Geological Survey. The new detailed maps, combined with carbon and oxygen isotopic studies and a series of precise age determinations to put the rock units in proper chronological context, have produced a conceptual plate-tectonic model of the evolution of the region.  It is now generally accepted that the ore deposits at Franklin and Sterling Hill originated as hot, metalliferous brines that were discharged onto the floor of a shallow sea about 1.3 billion years ago.



$30.00 NE-AIPG Member

$30.00 All Other Attendees


AIPG-NE 2018 Spring Meeting